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ACP Sheet

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ACP Sheet
Aluminium Composite Panel

Aluminium Composite Panel

Aluminium Composite Panel
Choose The Best If Your Home Is So Important To You.
Choose The Best If Your Home Is So Important To You.
Choose The Best If Your Home Is So Important To You.
Aluminium Composite Panel
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Aluminium Composite Panel
Aluminium Composite Panel
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Aluminium Composite Panel
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Providing a strong
What is ACP Sheet?

Reynobond ACP Sheet is a common abbreviation for Aluminium Composite Panel. It is made of ACM (aluminium composite material), which is made up of two finely coated aluminium sheets. It overcomes the shortcomings and disadvantages of the original material by being made up of two different materials: metals and non-metals (aluminium is a metal, and polyethylene plastic is a non-metal).

These Aluminium Composite Panel are commonly use in a variety of environments, including outdoor occasions and outdoor ones, owing to their various advantages. In addition to being use as curtain wall panels and in the restoration of old buildings, cladding, partition, and house exterior walls are popular outdoor uses. Ceiling lighting, pollution reduction, purification, and advertising are examples of indoor times.

With years of experience in producing Quality Aluminium Composite Panel, ReynoArch is the leading suppliers of best-in-class leading facade products and more. We aspire to offer outstanding support while also ensuring that our customers get the best value for their investment.


ReynoArch ACP Sheet Product Range

Marble ACP Sheet Series

Marble ACP Sheets have changed into an essential element in modern days infrastructure. Intensive use of those stone finish aluminium composite panels in various applications contributes to the fast-paced growth of the construction industry. Marble ACP sheets are very fashionable because stone finish ACP.

Solid & Metallic Series

Due to its unique pattern, the solid & Metallic ACP panel series is popular in the industry. ACP Board with decorative coatings is typically the first step in the process of producing the metallic aluminium composite frame. This is widely used in modern buildings hence adding a magnificent look.

Rustic ACP Sheet Series

Beauty always gets refined when it gets old, same happens with rustic the newest innovation from the house of ReynoArch. ReynoArch’s stylish and distinct Rustic ACP Sheet series emitting the stunning visual impact. Their use provides a harmonious aesthetic in the interior design. ACP Panel made of Rustic blend extremely well.

Wooden ACP Sheet Series

Wooden ACP Series is artfully crafted by  Reynoarch and it add elegance to your interior. Striking knots, grains and ember imperfections mimic aged wood creating an elegant and traditional look. Reynobond India has a unique design and colour catalogue available for its wooden ACP sheets.

Among The Several Advantages That These Panels Offer Are:

  • 100 % maintenance free.
  • Best Suited with Glass for CW applications.
  • Lightweight, excellent Flatness & crispy ness on sharp edges.
  • Long Lasting& clean shades & Textures along with the gloss.
  • Cost Effective & light weight substructures.
  • Easily fixed on RCC wall, Brick wall, Boards& MS Steel structures.
  • Saves construction time and cost at the last stages of construction.
  • Provides sound insulation and resistant to weathering effects.
  • Resistant to breakage.
  • Exemplary versatility in fabrication.
  • Excellent UV characteristics.
  • Hi-tech appeal.
  • Long-lasting.

What is Unique ReynoArch ACP Panel?

ACP Cladding is a cutting-edge material that can be use for building exteriors, interior applications, and signage. ReynoArch ACP Board are available in a variety of colors and finishes, including wood, stone, sand, and 3D. Since our ACP is extremely durable in terms of its life cycle and can be quickly twisted or folded into shapes that designers can’t do with any other material, it gives designers more design freedom. This is one of the key reasons that many architects choose ReynoArch ACP Cladding for their designs in any building project.

Multiple Usage
of ACP Panels

Interior design

You’re just a few steps away from receiving the most! It has become increasingly simple to make wardrobes, bookshelves, and other furniture units from ReynoArch ACP due to the exceptional variety of finishes available at ReynoArch ACP Cladding, as these, are elegant and stunning.


Our ACP Panel materials have consistently proven to be the most effective in producing one-of-a-kind signage. For any of your signboard construction requirements, ReynoArch ACP covers all of the big Aluminium signage products. Since signage and hoardings are use outdoors and must tolerate temperature and weather fluctuations, our ACP can be used to create a variety of flexible exterior signages.

Cladding or Façade

ReynoArch ACP is a Designer’s Delight because of its robustness, great evenness, lightweight, and most stretched out shading options. Due to its high longevity and versatility, our ACP Panel can be used for cladding in both exterior and interior design. Since our ACP Sheet are UV resistant, they can handle a lot of wear and tear, extending the longevity of the establishment.

Partitions Inclusive

These days, every office arrangement aspires to maximize the amount of available floor space. External partitions are use to do this. ACP Panel by ReynoArch are in high demand for used in the building of these partitions. Also ACP Board is one of the most cost-effective partition materials on the market. As a result, it is a commonly use commodity.

Why Should You Choose ReynoArch ACP Sheet?

ReynoArch provides you the finest and qualitative ACP Sheet that you won’t ever question. We have the largest variety of revolutionary ACP Panel for use in both exterior and interior design. We maintain strict quality management norms at any point of development with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to ensure industry-leading goods. Furthermore, it is a modern-day material with many functional and technological benefits over conventional materials.

ACP Sheet Price

If you are really thinking of giving an aesthetic look to your building or workspace, ReynoArch is the one-stop destination then, where we have crafted ACP sheet to fulfil your unique needs and specifications at a very low ACP sheet price. That means you will only have to spend on ACP sheet once, but you will reap the benefits for years. The best aluminium composite panel manufactures in India use ACP cladding to brighten up a home.

However, because of the high cost, most people compromise on the content of ACP sheet. But you need not to worry; we understand and your dilemma on investment. As a result, we have given you the highest-quality, most vibrant sheet collection at an affordable ACP Sheet price per sq ft.

What Are The Actual ACP Sheet Size?

Standard Size by which ACP sheet is renowned in market is 8*4, 10*4, 12*4. Also available in customizable format on special orders according to your needs. The Thickness in which ACP is Available is 3 mm core with 0.25 mm aluminum skin on both sides, 3 mm core with 0.50 mm aluminum skin on both sides, 4 mm core with 0.25 mm aluminum skin on both sides, 4 mm core with 0.50 mm aluminum skin on both sides.

Your Questions Are Here!

What is ACP Sheet?

What is ACP Sheet? Aluminium Composite Panel, The shorter form is called ACP, and it’s often refer to as a sandwich board. The composite aluminum panel was create by 3A composites in 1964 in a joint venture together with BASF.

What is the process for making aluminium composite panels?

Aluminium Composite Plates are made up of two thin aluminium panels with a thermoplastic polythene layer sandwiched between them. ACP Sheet or Aluminium Composite Panel, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes, may be used for interior or external cladding, wall panels, signs, fascia, and other display panels.

What role does ACP play in the creation of appealing signs and ACP sheet?

Digital signs, such as LED and screen walls, can be made with the aid of aluminium sheet panels. Additionally, ACP sheet template may be used if preferred, allowing for more detailed ACP signboards. Weatherproofing is therefore guaranteed by the ACP system. Furthermore, ACP sheet has a unique structure while retaining spectacular light.

What is ACP wall cladding, and how does it work?

ACP sheet are used for wall cladding in both exterior and interior architectural architecture because of their rigidity and resilience. It is the finest modern-day building material for cladding because it can withstand extreme weather, and its extended life span is exceptional for use. Aluminium is a lightweight metal that is easy to install, so it is widely used by custodians.

Is it possible for an aluminium composite panel to catch fire?

The fire is caused by the ACP Sheet core material, which is made up of more than 30% polymer, making it fire resistant and also due to aluminium’s low melting point. If the core material is made of PVDF/FEVE and contains special quality MDH and ATH compounds, which are the most reliable Halogen-free (HF) compounds, they are good fire-resistant materials.

What is the purpose of an aluminium composite panel?

Aluminium Composite Panel are also commonly use as a building tool for a number of applications. Cladding, false ceilings, walls, interiors, and signs are some of the applications.

Is the ACP layer immune to water?

Normal ACP sheet joints would have to be properly sealed, and waterproofing would have to be facilitated in addition, and only then would there be no induced rain penetration in such sheets.

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