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Luxury Is Now Robustness
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And ReynoArch louvers are Elegantly Luxuries
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    Welcome Louvers Manufacturer
    First Time in India

    With more than 30 years of Experience, reliability, and knowledge under our fingers. ReynoArch became the natural choice of being an impression with designs that stand over time. A top choice of builders, architects, and professionals in the industry, Reynobond Louvers broad range of designs and constant development ensures that all your needs are fulfill. Also, use of only best raw materials, top manufacturing standards, and top technology is one of our small aspect of our dedication to excellence. It is what makes us the leading producer of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) and Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) and now Louver also. Now, we’re providing more options to help bring your dream of building to life.

    Louvers, Manufacturer of Louvers

    Why Switch to Louver

    Advantages of Louvers

    • Superior ventilation

      A well-designed interior or exterior will allow your home to breathe; no wall can do this better than the louvered wall.
      The principal purpose behind louvers is to allow air to circulate freely through your home. They are ideally suited for hot climates.
      Naturally, they close tightly to keep out the wind whenever you try to ensure that your home is not draughty.

    • View uninterrupted

      While louver walls might appear like shutter blinds, their main distinction is that they’re construct entirely out of glass. The view from the wall will be unobstructed by wooden shutters that can only be shut and opened horizontally or swung towards the side.
      If privacy is a problem, You can always put in blinds or curtains without altering the view you get from your walls.

    • A classic style

      Louver interior or exterior are a part of a long background, yet they are also known to be an elegant style that isn’t dated. They can give a classic design to any space regardless of how modern.
      They have a distinct style and design that is different from other interior or exterior walls, which also means they bring a distinct look to your room. When decorating, it’s all the tiny aspects that make the difference. Louver applications are an excellent option to think outside the box when building or renovating your house.

    • Easy to wash

      Walls can be quite difficult to keep clean, particularly since cleaning both sides usually involves shifting between the inside and outside of your home. That’s the most attraction of louvered walls is.

    Types of ReynoArch Louvers

    ACP Louvers

    ACP louver Louver formation took place by using 90-degree bendable feature of the Aluminium Composite Panel and creating ACP Louver in a formidable and best home revamping product. For the last 25 years, ReynoArch has been experimenting and bringing the best in the building material field. REYNOARCH ACPL is a kind of product that enhances the beauty of the building as it breaks the monotonous look of the exterior of any building, whether Residential or Commercial. 

    Exterior Louvers 

    The EXTERIOR LOUVERS Collection from ReynoArch is a unique design palette that can be used to design spaces that inspire people by the surroundings they design. The deep shades, realistic textures with warm woodgrains, and the diverse abstracts blend contemporary design with a soothing sense of nature. If your inspiration comes from trails in the woods or urban landscapes, Then ReynoArch Exterior Louvers Collection is the nearest you can get to nature. It’s available in various finishes, with diverse designs, styles and colours.

    Some Frequently Asked Questions on ReynoArch Louvers

    What is a louver?

    The mixing of Aluminium Composite Panels in the form of fluted panels and pasting one above other resulting with elegant Louvers.

    What are louvers used for?

    Louvers are used for elevation of walls, ceilings either used in Interior or exterior.

    What is louvers in interior?

    Louvers in Interiors is a combination of luxury and classism where the beauty is filled to your facade with help of these Louvers and are made stand of crowd from other cladding solutions.

    What material is used for louvers?

    The Louver Material which ReynoArch provides you is in the form of ACP Louvers and WPC Exterior Louvers