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    ReynoArch’s ACP Wooden Sheet is a soft, weathered look that will help you transform your space into a haven of calm and tranquillity, helping you to bring indoor elements outdoors. They are reasonable, durable, anti-bacterial, easy to install, lightweight, and easy to cut, fireproof and eco-friendly.

    Wooden ACP sheets are versatile products for construction and interiors. Some of the uses are:

    1. Panelling: Wooden ACP panelling is an excellent way to add personality and grandeur to your room. These can be used for walls, and roofs. It is a lasting product which can be used for indoor and outdoor wall panelling. ACP Wall Panelling doesn’t only protect your walls but makes them attractive. They bring luxury and charm in the room, lobby, or any space where they are used.
    2. Modern construction for interiors: Apart from its aesthetic appeal, Wood Finish ACP offers a rich and attractive look. The wooden ACP sheets can be used in modern design as WOOD provides a timeless, yet inviting look that really stands out.
    3. Business Industry: Wooden ACP sheets can be used in office and administrative building, banks, malls, petrol pumps and multiplex. It can also be used in academic and public health service centers.

    Some advantages are:

    1. Ease of Installation and Maintenance
    2. Improved Styling for a Custom Look
    3. Protection for your Walls
    4. Flexible Design Choices
    5. A great Cladding material
    6. Weather Resistant

    Reynobond ACP Wooden Sheet sets new horizons in the design and construction of buildings worldwide. It is a modern and long-lasting material replacing traditional construction materials due to its strength and modern design/colours.

    Reynobond India has a unique design and colour catalogue available for its wooden ACP sheets. There are many colors to choose from such as Oxford Cherry, Wenge, Oakwood, Burn Walnut, Tineo, Royal Teak, Satin Wood, Tiger Wood, Dark Teak, Louropreto,Soil Oak etc. Our offerings and product quality makes us one of the most reputed and demanded brand in the construction industry. This proves to be our added advantage and makes our customers very happy and satisfied.

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