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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the thickness in which Rustic ACP Sheet is available?

    The overall Thickness of ReynoArch Rustic ACP Sheet Series is 3mm-4mm with 0.25mm of coil thickness

    What is the warranty of Rustic ACP Panel?

    The warranty Provided by ReynoArch for its ACP panels are 10 years

    Is Rustic ACP waterproof?

    Normal ACP sheet joints would have to be properly sealed, and waterproofing would have to be facilitated in addition, and only then would there be no induced rain penetration in such sheets.

    Is Rustic ACP Sheet series Fire-Retardant?

    The fire is caused by the ACP Sheet core material, which is made up of more than 30% polymer, making it fire resistant and also due to aluminum’s low melting point. If the core material is made of PVDF/FEVE and contains special quality MDH and ATH compounds, which are the most reliable Halogen-free (HF) compounds, they are good fire-resistant materials.

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