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    Discover the future of architectural panelling with Reynobond Aluminium Honeycomb Panels, the game-changer in building materials. Crafted by Reynobond India. a leading name in innovation and excellence, Reynobond Aluminium Honeycomb Panels combines strength, versatility, and stunning aesthetics to redefine the possibilities of design and construction.
    Our panels feature an ingenious aluminium honeycomb structure that strikes the perfect balance between form and function. This lightweight yet incredibly strong composite panel system empowers architects, engineers, and designers to push the boundaries of creativity while ensuring structural integrity.

    With an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, Reynobond Honeycomb allows for large panel sizes without compromising stability. Its corrosion-resistant aluminium composition guarantees durability and visual appeal, even in harsh environments.
    At Reynobond, we don’t just innovate in panel systems, but we also revolutionize the very core of construction materials.our indigenous honeycomb core developed in our state-of-the-art R&D lab. Reynobond Aluminium Honeycomb Panels is powered by Our own core which with its remarkable capabilities and unmatched performance makes Reynobond Aluminium Honeycomb Panels the NEXT GENeration inspiration for your architectural creativity.

    Our core represents the culmination of years of research and development, resulting in a honeycomb core that surpasses all expectations. Crafted with precision and expertise, Our core boasts unrivalled strength, superior structural integrity, and is lightweight.

    Unleash your creativity with Reynobond Aluminium Honeycomb Panels extensive range of finishes, colors, and textures. From sleek and modern to timeless and rustic, our panels can be customized to bring your unique vision to life. Installation is a breeze too, thanks to their lightweight design, saving you time and costs.

    Choose Reynobond Aluminium Honeycomb Panels for your next project and experience the epitome of innovation and excellence in honeycomb panel technology. Be it a skyscraper, hotel, or residential masterpiece, Reynobond Aluminium Honeycomb Panels sets the stage for architectural brilliance that leaves a lasting impression.

    Transform your designs with Reynobond Aluminium Honeycomb Panels – the top choice for aluminium honeycomb panels. Contact us now to explore the endless possibilities of this revolutionary product.

    The Reynobond Honeycomb façade system is a unique, open-jointed cladding system based on the principles of rainscreen façade technology. The lightweight skins are fused to a honeycomb aluminium core that provides extreme panel strength and flatness. They are engineered to deliver both outstanding looks and excellent functionality.Reynobond Honeycomb panels and components have been designed to perform in even the most challenging of environments and have been independently tested for corrosion resistance, fire resistance and wind-load performance.


    • Extreme flat panel surfaces
    • Large range of colours and skin materials
    • Design freedom
    • Ideal for renovation projects
    • Open, closed and contrasting joints possible
    • Corners are made to measure from one piece

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