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    FR Grade ACP Sheet is the new generation exterior Noncombustible Panels with over 90% (Non-Combustible Mineral Fiber FR core) sandwiched between two layers of Aluminium skins.

    ReynoArch FR Series patented core formulation with a high percentage of Magnesium Hydroxide, Aluminium Oxide & ATH, provide superior fire retardant capabilities making it an extremely safe cladding solution against Fire, for buildings worldwide.

    ReynoArch FR Series has passed most recent, stringent & detailed fire test certification in the world achieving product classification as per EN13501-1 achieving A2-S1,D0 grade in FR ( 90% Non-Organic Core content).

    A2 is the world’s best available grade of fire-retardant Aluminium Composite Panel, containing over 90% inorganic mineral material. It has
    equal fire-retardant properties to metals.

    With Reynoarch Safety
    comes First!

    Reynoarch Fire Barrier A2 ushers in a new era in fire protection. We deliver the finest quality Fire Barrier across India.

    What is
    Fire Barrier A2 &how does it work?

    Fire protection for your building begins at the planning stage. Minimizing fire risk, particularly in places with significant human traffic such as major sporting arenas, mass transit, terminals, hospitals, schools and high-rise buildings has become increasingly complex and challenging. Globally, architects and building owners are required to meet stringent regulations aimed at protecting inhabitants, visitors, building structure and surrounding environment from fire hazards Performance based criteria for the right FR grades are:

    • Lateral and Vertical spread of fire
    • Smoke emission
    • Droplets
    • Self-extinction of fire on the ACM

    REYNOARCH FR can produce the highest grade of FR ACP with standing maximum Fire Retardancy.

    At REYNOARCH we can produce FR ACP conforming to the highest A2 & BI grades. Tested & conforming to most latest Euro-pean Classifications which addresses most of the key performance criteria mentioned above & is most stringent & detailed in Fire Safety & Standards globally.
    We produce REYNOARCH FR ACP with Ideally recommended mix and density of LDPE + inorganic Compound , in a ratio of (not less than 90% for A2 & 70% for B1 Grades, Balance LDPE).
    We have EN13501-1 , ASTM E-119 & NFPA 285 (A combination of Test Report & Test Certification conforming to Reaction & Resistance to Fire) along with a performance test report from NABL Accredited Labs.


    REYNOARCH ACP sheets are a perfect choice when it comes to innovative heat insulation options. Not only can REYNOARCH ACP sheets protect the exterior of a building against weathering and moisture, but it also can be used in well-ventilated facades that encourage heat insulation with well-planned air gaps that retain warmth Hence saving ENERGY………….
    Choose REYNOARCH ACP sheets that come with a plethora of benefits over other cladding materials. The beautiful shade range, along with a rugged quality is sure to revamp the appearance of your dream projects.

    Why you must
    choose Reynoarch
    Fire Barrier A2?

    It will effectively shield structures taller than 15 meters, as well as industrial and public buildings, airports, hospitals, hotels, tunnels, and subway stations. It produces very little heat and has no effect on the propagation of the blaze. There are no poisonous gases, smoke, or burning droplets created, ensuring minimal collateral damage, easy evacuation, and a quick recovery.

    • In comparison to other fire-retardant ACPs, Reynoarch Fire Barrier A2 is a superior and safer material for high-rises above 15 meters.
    • The Fire Barrier A2 generates very little flame, no smoke, and no burning droplets.
    • Though Fire Barrier resists burning, Fire Barrier A2 absolutely prevents it from spreading due to its 90% mineral content.

    What is
    in Reynoarch
    Fire Barrier A2?

    Reynoarch Fire Barrier is a tried-and-true non-halogenated FR ACP with a mineral content of more than 90 percent.

      • Will not emit poisonous gases that are lethal. Smoke, which is a bad mixture of CO and CO2  which is blamed for 80% of fatalities in fires. Carbon monoxide is much more attractive to haemoglobin in our blood than oxygen.
      • As an external cladding of traditional Indian architecture, it will not lead to the rapid spread of flames into the upper floors of the building for 2 hours.
      • Instead of burning droplets, it can turn into harmless dust crystals.
      • When the house is sprayed with water from a fire hose, it will not fall off the facade.
      • Will not distort vision, making it possible for people to avoid the escape routes.

    The Secret to Safe Success

    As heated, Fire Barrier A2 is a halogen-free, inorganic substance that creates water vapour. The mineral content of Fire Barrier is over 71 percent. Both do not emit poisonous gases in the same manner as halogenated materials do.

    The non-halogenated substance combined with PE to form the center of Reynoarch’s FR products is magnesium hydroxide (MDH). Because of its higher decomposition temperature, MDH outperforms aluminium trihydrate (ATH), the other non-halogenated substance in terms of fire resistance. MDH is also more environmentally sustainable than comparable fabrics. By releasing water molecules and constantly lowering the temperature, MDH delays the transition of PE from solid to plastic (the point of ignition) by up to 360°C.

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    best Team

    The end-to-end manufacturing facilities at Reynoarch is fool proof and meets global expectations. The two manufacturing units, are fitted with cutting-edge technologies and research facilities. Each unit produced is scrutinized by a strict quality management system.


    The Limiting Oxygen Index is a calculation of how much oxygen must be available in order for plastic products to burn. The industry norm is 21%. The material will quickly catch fire below this point, but it will be less probable above it. The higher the LOI weight, the less flammable the substance is.

    Check for Smoke Density

    Tests if light travels through the smoke produced such that human vision is not obstructed. The Smoke Density Index (SDI) is a tool for calculating the amount of smoke generated by burning materials. When a substance with a higher SDI rating fires, it creates more smoke than materials with a lower density rating. Smoke kills faster than fire and causes more deaths than sun, as we all know. Smoke creates harmful products that are life-threatening and decreases visibility. It also makes running out of a fire zone more challenging. It’s important to remember that ASTM D 2843 is a common method for determining a plastic’s SDI rank.

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