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    Providing a strong

    PVC rigid sheet which is an alternative to traditionally popular wall decorations like Stone, Marble, wallpaper and cement-based wall paneling paint, as well as wood wall paneling. This PVC paneling for walls is a contemporary product that has gained global attention.


    ReynoArch Laminates provides you with a wide selection of colors available in solid, sparkling wooden, marble leather, and abstract shades and designs. A sheet of marble made from PVC, which is commonly referred to by the name of PVC Wall Cladding, is an ideal alternative to conventional wall tiles. 3mm wall cladding and the pillar covering are excellent choices for decorating. It offers a wide range of colors, shapes, and patterns that are difficult to come across in standard tile and stone. The variety of options is perfect to cover the pillars and columns. They help to make the dull spaces into beautiful spaces. ReynoArch Laminates can brighten plain and boring space. It’s a waterproof material that helps protect surfaces and walls of areas that are damp. It’s an anti-bacteria and termite-resistant material, which enhances its utility. PVC Laminate is free of toxic elements such as formaldehyde and lead, which makes it safe for kids as well as the elderly. The anti-microbial coating allows it to be fungus and bacteria resistant.

    Among the several advantages that these panels offer are:

    • 100% Waterproof,
    • Termite-proof and corrosion-free.
    • It has a real touch of wood & marble and an etched surface for a veneer feel.
    • Calibrated surface
    • Climate stable with minimum expansion and contraction
    • 90 degree bendable,
    • No edge band required
    • Easy to Clean,
    • 0% maintenance
    • Non-toxic Bacteria & fungus resistant Anti-microbial surface
    • Environmental Friendly saves trees
    • Carpenter friendly
    • Easy to install

    What is Unique
    in ReynoArch PVC Laminate?

    The PVC laminate is a flat sheeting material that is made by compressing synthetic polymer PVC is a Poly Vinyl Chloride, which is a thin layer of paper flat and resins under temperature and pressure. It is extensively used in commercial, residential, and industrial furniture to embellish ornaments and to protect furniture. They can be designed to be placed on top of any high-quality surface like Plywood MDF, particleboard natural wood, and more. by using a durable adhesive and an easy pressing procedure.

    Why should you choose
    ReynoARCH PVC Laminate?

    ReynoArch is the best and most reliable PVC Laminate that you will never ever doubt.¬†We have the biggest selection of innovative Aluminium Composite Panels to use for both interior and exterior design.¬†We ensure that we adhere to the highest quality management standards at all stages of development using our top-of-the-line manufacturing facilities to guarantee industry-leading quality products.¬†Additionally, it’s an advanced material that has numerous technological and functional advantages over traditional materials.


    Not too heavy.
    Extremely adaptable.
    Easy to deal with.
    Easy to set up.
    It can be set up in a short time.
    Long-lasting and easy to care for.
    Cost-effective and Efficient.
    Varieties of colors and textures available.

    The ranges
    you can’t get your eyes off!

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