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    REYNOARCH LAUNCHES PVC ETCHED LAMINATES FOR THE FIRST TIME IN INDIA For the first time in the realm of decorative surfacing material, ReynoArch launches Multi Décor 1.25mm PVC laminate range. ReynoArch is a research-based company that thrives on innovation, imparting contemporary products the much-needed aesthetics to suit the needs of the modern age and conditions.


    Conventional PVC laminate in the market is associated with lots of issues such as poor adhesion, Surface softness, Scratches, Toughness, etc. ReynoArch etched PVC laminate range serves as a complete solution to all the underlying problems. This unique etched PVC Laminate range offers 100 plus distinctive designs and shades in high gloss, sparkle, matte as well as textured surface. The range covers a variety of exclusive Solid colors, the Sparkle collection, the wooden collection, the Stone collection, and the Abstract collection which is having metallic and Leather feels.

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