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    ReynoArch Luxury Panel

    What is ReynoArch Luxury panels ?

    ReynoArch Luxury panels are Aluminum based panels. They are robust, water and termite resistant and can be utilized for optimization of spaces in all domestic and commercial establishments like offices, hospital, shopping malls, etc. It is available in 13 colors with 3mm thickness and can also be effectively used in wet areas like laboratories, kitchens, washrooms, toilets, laundries, places that have high human traffic, etc. This Luxury panel withstands pressure and ensures years of stability. Our Luxury panels are in demand from various domestic and industrial customers and are the preferred choice for kitchen, balcony, washroom and other areas where water is in regular contact. This panel is designed for wall paneling, doors, windows, partitions, etc. These panels are available in several colors and sizes. Luxury panels are an excellent substitute to fixed and high maintenance needed wooden panels. Even they long last and easy use and install. In addition to this, it has sound and fire protection.


    • 100% Water proof
    • It’s robust & termite proof
    • No wrapping & bending tendency
    • Maintenance Free
    • Excellent Sound & thermal Insulation
    • Long lasting
    • It can also be effectively used in high humidity spaces like laboratories, toilets, laundries kitchens, washrooms, healthcare units & even toilets areas where water is in regular contact
    • Easy and Quick Installation
    • Easy to Maintain
    • Can bend to unusual shapes


    ReynoArch Luxury panels Catalogue

    ReynoArch Luxury panels Catalogue

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