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Product Description

The ACP Sheets aluminium composite panel, is a type of flat panel composed of two thin sheets of aluminium bonded to a core of non-aluminium. ACPs are widely used for exterior building cladding or facades, ventilation, and signage.

In different thicknesses, shapes, colours and finishes, Aluminium Composite panels are available. Aluminium composite sheet is also one of the well-known and popular components used in exterior vision design. Among the most critical top features of the said material is lightness and declining building load. In addition, new elegance and some of the material’s physical and chemical properties have turned it into one of the most unrivalled building materials.

Due to the use of the best raw materials which comply with European standards, the high quality of aluminium composite sheets has resulted in REYNOARCH India, Reynoarch India being one of the newest products competing with similar international/Domestic brands. In addition, the production of the aforementioned commodity within the nation has resulted in a more cost-effective comparison of its price to comparable local and international products. This has drawn the interest of researchers and those interested in the construction industry.

The collection is delivered by us in elegant styles and patterns that contribute to the surrounding visual appeal, wherever they are found. These goods, properly checked and confirmed for consistency, can be used by us at market-leading prices.

In the industrial state of Rajasthan, we are empowered by advanced infrastructure. Our production facility consists of all the advanced and ultra-modern equipment needed for high-end goods to be produce. Because of our rapid production pace, we have been able to produce goods on schedule.

The raw material use in our supply base is sourced from the reputable manufacturers of our goods. However, prior to the manufacturing process, we review the raw material on our side in accordance with our quality assurance policies. All possible steps are taken by a team of trained and hardworking experts to ensure that a perfect collection is dispatched from our disposal to the destination of the customers. In order to serve our consumers, our teammates are also competent in delivering personalised goods.

ACP Sheet Price Per Sq. Ft.

Advantages of ReynoArch Sheet

Among the several advantages that these panels offer are:

  • 100% maintenance free.
  • Best suited with glass for CW applications.
  • Lightweight, excellent flatness & crispy on sharp edges.
  • Cost effective & light weight substructures.
  • Easily fixed on RCC wall, brick wall, boards & MS steel structures.
  • Saves construction time and cost at the last stages of construction.
  • Provides sound insulation and resistant to weathering effects
  • Resistant to breakage.
  • Exemplary versatility in fabrication
  • Excellent UV characteristics.
  • Hi-tech appeal.
  • Long lasting.

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Characteristics of ReynoArch Sheet

ReynoArch provides you the finest and qualitative ACP Sheet that you won’t ever question. We have the largest variety of revolutionary Aluminium Composite Panels for use in both exterior and interior design. We maintain strict quality management norms at any point of development with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to ensure industry-leading goods. Furthermore, it is a modern-day material with many functional and technological benefits over conventional materials. FEATURES Not too heavy. Extremely adaptable. Easy to deal with. Easy to set up. It can be set up in a short time. Long-lasting and easy to care for. Cost-effective and Efficient. Varieties of colors and textures available.

Sheet thickness
Thickness of Aluminum sheets (surface-beneath)
Color of panel
Color thickness
Protective layer thickness
Thickness of polyethylene core
Sound insulator
Thickness of resin glue
Kind of resin glue
Alloy 1100 ,Alloy 3003
3mm, 4mm, 6 mm
0.25 mm,0.50 mm
Anti Stain- Metallic PVDF
PPG < or equals to 26 microns
8 microns
3 mm,4 mm, 6 mm
25 Decibels- drop in sound transmission
7 micros
DOW Adhesives

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