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    HPL Sheet

    HPL sheet are use all over the world because of their flexibility and longevity. When compared to wood, it is more robust and graceful in appearance. It is, therefore, very immune to the elements. HPL sheet has solved the disadvantages of wood when it is made from aluminium coil with a double-layered dust-resistant Lumiflon coating. It has a polyethylene backbone that is water, fungi, and termite resistant. In a state-of-the-art facility, HPL Sheet is built. Unlike other commonly used high pressure laminate sheet and, of course, wood, the production method for Reynobond HPL sheet design is so rigorous that it is highly efficient under harsh weathering conditions.

    HPL Sheet | High Pressure Laminate

    HPL Sheet

    The first layer is Overlay- The exterior layer of the HPL sheet is a translucent melamine overlay for added protection and stain resistance.

    The second layer is the décor layer, which is where the wall’s real appearance or attractiveness resides. Also, it may be plainly color or come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns.

    The third layer is Fibreboard Core – The hard repair layer that ensures superior stability is the fibreboard core.

    The final layer/ bottom layer is made up of melamine impregnated paper, which provides dimensional integrity and moisture tolerance.

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    ReynoArch is the world’s largest HPL sheet maker, specializing in high-quality HPL sheet and customer loyalty. We stand out from the many businesses that present themselves internationally because of our innovative, strong, and long-lasting architecture and design. Why settle for the second-best when you can have the best product at a price that suits your budget.

    ReynoArch High Pressure Laminate is available in a wide range of shades, textures, and sizes. Colors and sizes can also be personalize by ReynoArch. All of this at a very fair price and unrivaled consistency. The definition of a high-end front and exterior has been redefine by HPL. Since it has a large marketing network in India and abroad, ReynoArch provides professional support. Waterproofing is a function of ReynoArch HPL. HPL sheets design are the best option for decorative surfaces because of their toughness, rigidity, and water resistance. ReynoArch HPL is a natural foil in place of wood in Villas, housing societies, office houses, and resorts.

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    HPL Sheet


    Solid & Metallic Series

    Due to its unique pattern, which has the glossiness of metals, the Metallic HPL Sheet series by Reynoarch is popular in the industry. High Pressure Laminate with Solid metallic coatings is typically the first step in the process of producing the metallic aluminium composite frame. This is widely used in modern buildings hence adding a magnificent look.

    Sparkle Series

    The natural color changes that occur in materials that influence daily life are celebrated in the Sparkle HPL Panel. Different wave lengths of light are reflect back to the viewer based on the dye form and viewing angle, resulting in an ever-changing color gradient of iridescent highlights. Sparkle Series HPL Sheet by ReynoArch provide a soft and elegant appearance with their vivid sparkling and shining effects.

    Wooden Series

    Wooden HPL Sheet is artfully crafted by ReynoArch, and it adds elegance to your interiors & exteriors. Striking knots, grains and ember imperfections mimic aged wood creating an elegant and traditional look.

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    ReynoArch HPL sheet are noted for their colorful designs and real wooden feel, so it comes as no surprise that they make the surroundings lively and beautiful to look at. It is a vibrant and trendy graphic that will immediately raise the spirits. Our HPL sheet can reside in your home for a longer period of time without losing their color and beauty effectiveness.

    It is clean of minor or larger bruises or marks created by the children or injuries due to its lumiflon coating. You must be aware of the health effects of HPL sheet because they are used nearly everywhere. Finally HPL sheet are fully risk-free because they do not contain any toxic substances, are hygienic, and safe for your child and family.


    • Weather Resistant
    • Anti fading
    • 90 Degree bendable
    • Chemically resistant
    • Scratch-resistant
    • Versatile and easy to manage
    • Management Simplicity
    • Floor Wear Tolerance
    • Soft heat resistance
    • Looks powerful, rigid, and beautiful
    • Color Transition Tolerance of Artificial Light
    • Cigarette Burn Tolerance
    HPL Sheet

    Available Sizes 1.6 mm core with 0.50 mm aluminum skin on both sides

    Your Questions are here!

    What is HPL Sheet? Where is HPL Sheets used?

    HPL sheet, or high pressure laminate cladding for short, is primarily used for exterior and interior surfacing in commercial and residential properties. Multiple layers of kraft paper saturated with thermosetting mastics with incomparable bonding strength are heated to create this cladding.

    Is HPL a water-resistant material?

    Yes, ReynoArch hpl sheet is water-resistant making it a perfect application for home exteriors.

    What is HPL wall cladding, and how does it work?

    HPL sheet are used for wall cladding in both exterior and interior architectural architecture because of their rigidity and resilience. It is the finest modern-day building material for cladding because it can withstand extreme weather, and its extended life span is exceptional for use. High pressure laminate is a lightweight metal that is easy to install, so custodians widely use it.

    Is it possible for Aluminium High-Pressure Laminate to catch fire?

    Our HPL sheet is resistant to fire. AHPL Sheet core material, which is made up of more than 30% polymer, makes it fire resistant and also due to aluminum’s low melting point. If the core material is made of PVDF/FEVE and contains special quality MDH and ATH compounds, the most reliable Halogen-free (HF) compounds, they are good fire-resistant materials.

    What is the purpose of an aluminium high pressure laminate?

    Aluminium High Pressure Laminate sheet are also commonly used as a building tool for a number of applications. Cladding, false ceilings, walls, interiors, and signs are some of the applications.

    Is the AHPL layer immune to water?

    Normal AHPL sheet joints would have to be properly sealed, and waterproofing would have to be facilitated in addition, and only then would there be no induced rain penetration in such sheets.

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