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    We bring you the best-in-class Aluminium Honeycomb Panels from the house of innovations. We serve you with out-of-the-box durability and resilience, with outstanding peel strength and toughness. Contrary to other Honeycomb Panels, it will never become stiff or fragile. With a high tensile force on the covers sheets, gorgeous aesthetics and features, and excellent processing properties, Reynobond Aluminum Honeycomb Panels have become the favourite of Architects, Planners, and Designers.

    ReynoArch is India’s most trusted ACP manufacturer brand. Experience the magic of Aluminium Honeycomb Panels. ReynoArch Honeycomb Composite Panels are made with system components continuously bonded for increased strength.

    ReynoArch’s Aluminium Honeycomb Panels are extremely resilient and tough. They also have exceptional peel strength and toughness. It is not as hardy or fragile as other Honeycomb Panels. ReynoArch Honeycomb Aluminum Panels are a favourite of architects, planners, and designers. They have high tensile strength, great aesthetic features, and exceptional processing qualities.

    So, What are Aluminium Honeycomb Panel?

    The Aluminium Honeycomb Panels structure is light and flexible, with high bending strength and rigidity. Sandwich construction is a growing industry trend. Sandwich structural design is an option for sandwich structures. The main problem with composite sandwich construction is the need for a design variable. This paper will discuss the mechanical and installation of honeycomb sandwich panels. This paper presents the weight ratio range for honeycomb cores based on optimum mechanical properties. It is a basis for designing honeycomb sandwich panels. The theoretical analysis shows that the honeycomb core weight corresponds to 50-66.77% of the total Aluminium Honeycomb Panels weight. The honeycomb sandwich panels were then designed based on this conclusion. Further experiments were performed to verify the results. A good agreement between experimental and theoretical results is achieved.

    Aluminium Honeycomb Panels
    Aluminium Honeycomb Panels

    Benefits of ReynoArch Aluminium Honeycomb Panel

    • Fire Resistant: The panel is non-combustible, non-melting and not flammable. It has a fire rating FR Grade A2+. The honeycomb sheet is hexagonal in design and prevents the rapid spread of fire.
    • Lightweight The honeycomb sheet has a hollow core, where the aluminium skin is attached to its hexagonal body. The panel’s low density makes it light and useful for aerospace engineering, metro coaches, theatres, and other applications.
    • High Efficiency: The honeycomb core is hexagonal and connects to the aluminium skin at the top and bottom, creating an I-beam structure. This makes the panel strong and resistant to high-impact stress.
    • 100% Recyclable: The Aluminium Honeycomb Panels alloy is 100% recyclable and reusable
    • Easy Installation: The lightweight and thin panels can be used as wall panels or for other applications. They are attached with rivets and nuts.

    Why ReynoArch Aluminium Honeycomb Panel

    REYNOARCH Honeycomb panels made of aluminium provide easy installation thanks to their smoothness, strength, and rigidity and improved safety due to their low weight. They are fire-resistant, fatigue-resistant, and shock-resistant to weathering by chemicals and corrosion. They are recyclable and can be utilized to provide thermal and acoustic insulation as well!
    REYNOARCH, one of the most flexible materials suppliers, can be used across many industries. It is mainly used to strengthen the structure of the maritime sector and rails, as well as military, automotive, and aerospace.

    A sandwich board that’s joined to aluminum face material and with a core made of aluminum honeycomb. ReynoArch honeycomb panels is a lightweight solid composite board that adds strength but not weight to secondary and primary panel structures while saving time and decreasing labor costs during production. It has an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio, making this value-added sandwich board the ideal replacement for Plywood and OSB in situations where weight reduction is needed. ReynoArch Aluminium Honeycomb Panels is 100% recyclable and reusable, saving resources and energy and lessening environmental impact. The aluminum honeycomb panels are a brand-new eco-friendly, energy-efficient, health-conscious material.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is aluminium honeycomb panel?

    The aluminum honeycomb is sandwich plate that has a honeycomb structure as its base and is inspired by the hexagonal honeycomb found in nature. The honeycomb’s unique structure makes it less heavy than other materials of the same amount as well as the strength and rigidity are extremely good Furthermore, the honeycomb panels made of aluminum also have the benefits of sound insulation as well as heat insulation.

    What are Honeycomb Panels made of?

    ReynoArch Honeycomb Panels are made using Aluminium

    What are Honeycomb Panels used for?

    Honeycomb shapes are extensively used for construction like the exterior cladding on buildings however honeycomb panels can also add the structural strength needed for different areas of building. Curtain walls, louvers and roofing for buildings are other areas where honeycomb panels are used as well as exterior facades.

    What is the cost of Aluminium Honeycomb Panels?

    Do you want a building that has a dynamic appearance? ReynoArch has aluminium honeycomb panels that are customize to meet your requirements and at a very reasonable aluminium honeycomb price. Aluminium Honeycomb will not only be an investment once but will last for many years. Aluminium Honeycomb are cladded in India by the top manufacturers to enhance a building’s style. Due to their high cost, many people compromise on the Aluminium Honeycomb quality. We understand your feelings, and we value them. We have created the most colorful and high-quality sheet range at a pocket-friendly Aluminium Honeycomb per sqft price.

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