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    Always updated with the new and trending styles in market. ReynoArch is proud to brings you the Zinc Sheet Era. With the last 20+ years of market experience in the Industry bringing innovation is what ReynoArch does. And this time we are bringing you a combination of beauty and longevity.

    Zinc Composite Panels are acclaimed as being extremely resistant to all weather conditions since it is not susceptible to corrosion and rust. It is also important to note that Zinc is a recyclable material that can be reused over and over repeatedly without diminishing the quality, making this material cladding efficient and a great ally to the environment.

    Additionally, the zinc composite panel is likely to last for many years. Its natural appeal of the zinc, along with its flatness, strength, easy fabrication, and cost-effectiveness make ZCP among the top contemporary cladding materials.

    ZCP combines the beauty, and natural look of the zinc with the durability, flatness, ease of fabrication, and cost-effectiveness ReynoArch products are renowned for. With all the advantages of composite paneling,  it effortlessly adapts to traditional and contemporary styles.

    Choosing ReynoArch Zinc Sheet means choosing best raw material, best machinery and top experts architecture bringing good for you now and future of your building facade. Enjoy the luxury of quality ZCP with ReynoArch a product of Reynobond India.

    The Areas of Application

    • Zinc composite panels are used in many architectural designs. It is used for cladding in many architectural designs, including auditoriums and airports.
    • ReynoArch’s zinc composite panels are used for construction of roofs and rainwater storage systems.
    • ReynoArch’s Zinc Sheet Cladding panels can be made with the same equipment that makes ReynoArch ACPs.
    • ReynoArch’s Zinc Composite panels are easy to install using fasteners or extrusions made from stainless steel, aluminum, or galvanized.
    • ZCP’s exceptional performance is driving ZCP popularity. ReynoArch is proud to offer the finest ZCPs in India with a wide range of stunning finishes. Both the architect and the builder will be able to benefit from our ZCPs’ high recycling rate, low maintenance costs, and long-lasting guarantee.
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