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    Real Stone ACP Panel : Refined & timeless. Bricks and stone exterior is one of the best choices for your home. It is almost maintenance free and will last as long as the house. It gives a natural look to the house and gets well with any type of natural surroundings. Stone can help you achieve almost any look from cottage to castle.

    We have developed a new collection which reflects into the latest trends in the interior & exterior industry. Making it an ideal choice of Façade and Exterior. Reynobond introduces a new product, REALSTONE which gives you a stone finishing but in a very light weight.

    Why Reynobond Real Stone ACP Panel?

    Stone cost could be expensive and even its weight needs to be considered during construction. Not easy for cutting either. And even with time & changing weather stone changes its color slightly. It is one of the most expensive building façade cladding systems.

    But not when it comes to Reynobond Real Stone ACP Panel. Reynobond is the first company, not only in India but also in the world to launch the REALSTONE series in ACP with 20 Years Warranty. Real Stone ACP Panel can be used without any worry of high cost & weight. It can also be used in Wall Cladding. It is considered as a Green Building Product, with Water Resistant, Termite Resistant and Fire – Resistant features is available in a wide range of shades & panel thickness, lengths and styles.

    Reynobond believes in innovation and alternate to expensive products n construction and infrastructure. When it comes to redefining, Reynobond is trust worthy.

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