Who Are We?

ReynoArch India is an emerging manufacturer of Aluminum composite panels (ACP) , high pressure laminates in India. ReynoArch India will be manufacturing their High Quality Products under 2 brands ‘ReynoArch’ which will be our premium brand for EN Fire-Resistant ACP and HPL & Non FR core ACP and HPL sheets and the second brand would be ‘Facade’ our Economical series of Non FR core ACP. Also, ReynoArch india embraces your innovative design and presents you with the ideal way to follow the world’s path.

Since its inception in 2020, ReynoArch has been commanding an unshaken trust in the industry, by dint of its die-hard commitment towards quality, innovation and customer delight. ReynoArch is an end-to-end Indian Aluminium Composite Panel ACP &High Pressure Laminates HPL manufacturer, powered by cutting edge production facilities at Rajasthan.

The entire best-in-class ReynoArch product range is thus ‘Made in India’. Spread over 8 acres, Adhering to the founding principle of hard work, our endeavours have allowed us to carve an unprecedented niche in the market. Today, ReynoArch group is known for its quality products and values of integrity and reliability.

Reynoarch enjoys its strong presence as the trusted manufacturer of Aluminum Composite panels ACP amd High Pressure Laminates HPL Leveraging the fullest potential of technology, we are committed to manufacture the best-in-class products to match the varied demands. With 11 offices and a strong sales network, we have expended our business horizon to target more clients.

Leading the way. Reynoarch products are helping create the vibrant new face of the Indian millennium. Leading the way, we have partnered with leading architects, builders, designers, contractors and fabricators in changing the landscape of the country for the better.  Reynoarch is driven by its vision of creating a rich visual palette through its range of architectural décor material – Aluminium Composite Panels, High Pressure Laminates, PVC laminates, Decorative Glass and etc.
We believe that our brief is to create products that help unlock distinctive, long-lasting and edgy creativity.  Reason why, our products are designed for years of durable, maintenance- free, performance across a variety of demanding environments and help create a visual aesthetic that ‘always looks new’. A promise vividly fulfilled across signature landmarks that proudly stands the test of time, and come out with flying colors.

We have gone great lengths to be close by, anywhere across the country. Our 11 Company Offices, 11 Warehouses, more than 150-strong, pan-India network of Sales Persons and more than 400 Distributors & Dealers ensure that we are just a call away, wherever be your project location.

Creating a distinguishing identity
with Quality!

Our Mission

Core Values Team Work
We know our people are our key asset. ReynoArch india must be a rewarding place to operate in order to be efficient. To help our workers achieve their capacity, we have resources and support. As a squad, we collaborate for our consumers.

Mutual Appreciation gives the crux to deliver the best every time.

Our founding ideals of excellence, integrity and hard work hold true to us. ReynoArch india is a trust-based company. We are consistently synonymous with high service levels, consistency and personal commitment to the needs of our clients.

We are diligent in seeking ways to better accomplish our priorities and our consumers.

Long-Lasting Relationship
The lifeblood of our industry is enduring relationships. We want the customer to know like our workers are far more dedicated than their own employees to the effort. That’s what differentiates us. As people, we devote personal attention to our customers and truly care about them as colleagues.

Where does loyalty to clients come from? Think of those labels you buy from time to time, even though there are better alternatives out there. Typically, do you fly on a single airline? Do you purchase your coffee every morning from the same place? Whenever out-of-towners ask for recommendations, do you prefer a particular restaurant? The reason we remain faithful to brands is also because of their authenticity.

The best brands aim to merge physical, mental, and rational components into one excellent experience for consumers and employees. When you establish a bond with your clients and employees effectively, many of them will remain loyal for life—and you will have the potential to improve your overall profitability whilst creating a good brand promoter base. Yet attaining the relation is not an easy nut to crack. The businesses that excel are those that over the years hold true to their core values and build a business that staff and clients are proud to work with. From ReynoArch India is committed to developing long-term partnerships focused on honesty, success and value, as well as satisfaction with consumers.

Mr. Pawan Garg Director

Finest Composite Panels
for Robust Building Architecture

Why should you
choose ReynoARCH?

Our professional offerings, provided by the most skilled individuals, aim to address the evolving demands of our customers.

High Quality
& Efficiency

High composite quality, All our Aluminum Coils, Paint Quality, Core Quality is the best and as per the Worlds standards which make our panels the most Premium crafted.

at Ease

Composite plate, lightweight, simple to process, between 3.5 and 5.5 kg per square, anti-5eismic and hazard prevention and easy handling, convenient to manufacture, easy to cut and clip, easily formed information forms, such as curve, oval, right-angel, strong plasticity, variable, compact to install, low construction cost.

resilience to flames

In the centre of the aluminium panel, there is antifoaming PE advanced core material, excellent heat and sound cutting properties, because it is a safe fire-proof material, and can totally satisfy the fire-proof specifications of construction laws and regulations.

Impact Power

Aluminium Composite Panel without deformation after impact, outstanding power, panel and core content have good impact proof property without, sand, ice and snow.

Super Tolerance to Temperature

Use KYNAR-500 PVDF, age resistant, corrosion resistance, ultraviolet ray absorbent and outstanding atmosphere resistance, stunning appearance, for 15 years without colour change.

made simple

This kind of aluminium plastic panel is difficult to glue the dust, particularly the Nano metre, which has the feature of self-clean and fresh forever, in the atmosphere with extreme pollution.

No Space for Doubt Now!

Our dealers

ReynoArch India Composite Sheet: It is an expanded multinational family that stretches beyond mainland borders. Dealership workers are far more than retailers; they are team partners that help them secure a strong future. To keep in contact with ReynoArch, locate the nearest dealer.