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    At Reynobond ACP and HPL Architectural Products, we amplify the visual impact of building design to make bold ideas even bolder. As a leading manufacturer of composite material, pre-painted heavy-gauge aluminum and bonded sheets, we define skylines all over India with distinctive building façades.

    We open a world of design possibilities with aluminum panels available in an endless range of colors, finishes, shapes and sizes. Our innovative products can be used across a variety of projects, including multi-use, public, education, retail and healthcare facilities.

    With the flexibility to integrate architectural systems, our versatile portfolio combines beauty with high performance, delivering durable and lightweight cladding solutions.

    We are committed to providing exceptional quality and service, and our dedicated team works closely with architects, contractors and specifiers to help make their architectural vision a reality. With manufacturing facilities in Kothputli,Rajasthan India, we serve the India with finishes for bold building designs.

    Reynobond® Composite Material consists of two sheets of coil-coated aluminum laminated on both sides of a core material. Highly durable, Reynobond® Composite Material is rigid yet flexible and integrate seamlessly with curtain walls. Weighing 3 to 4 times less than steel and 1.6 times less than pure aluminum, Reynobond® Composite Material is extremely lightweight. Its formability makes it an outstanding choice for design flexibility.

    Reynobond® A2 is our non-combustible aluminium composite panel used in architecture that fulfills the respective standards worldwide. Thanks to its mineral-filled core, Reynobond® A2 meets the strict requirements of the fire regulations and enhances the possibilities for the concept and design of buildings. Reynobond ® A2, just like all the products of the Reynobond ® family, allows simple processing, is impact-resistant, break-proof and weatherproof and, above all, non-combustible.

    • Available in varied sizes and thicknesses
    • A broad range of pre-painted finishes
    • Excellent formability and durability
    • Up to 30-year warranty
    • AAMA 611/2603/2604/2605 performance specification

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