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    Facade ACP Panel is a commonly used abbreviation for Aluminum Composite Panel. It is composed of ACM (aluminium composite material) and two aluminium sheets coated with fine powder. It overcomes the weaknesses and drawbacks of the initial material because it is composed of two different substances that are non-metals and metals (aluminium is a metallic material, as is polyethylene, a non-metal).

    Due to their numerous advantages, the Aluminium Composite panels are widely employed in various settings, including outdoor celebrations and indoor ones. Apart from being utilized as curtain wall panels in the renovation of older buildings, cladding, partitions, and home exterior walls are well-known outdoor uses. Lighting for ceilings, pollution reduction, cleaning, and advertising are examples of indoor services.

    We have years of expertise in manufacturing high-quality ACP sheets. Aluminium Composite Panels Facade is among the top providers of the best-in-class top facade products and much more. We aim to provide outstanding service while ensuring our customers receive the highest return on their investment.

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    Among the several advantages that Facade panels offer are:

    • 100 % maintenance free.
    • Best Suited with Glass for CW applications.
    • Lightweight, excellent Flatness & crispy ness on sharp edges.
    • Long Lasting& clean shades & Textures along with the gloss.
    • Cost Effective & light weight substructures.
    • Easily fixed on RCC wall, Brick wall, Boards& MS Steel structures.
    • Saves construction time and cost at the last stages of construction.
    • Provides sound insulation and resistant to weathering effects.
    • Resistant to breakage.
    • Exemplary versatility in fabrication.
    • Excellent UV characteristics.
    • Hi-tech appeal.
    • Long-lasting.

    Facade Panel
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    Facade Panel is a cutting-edge product suitable for building exteriors, interior applications, and signage. Its ACP and HPL sheets are available in a range of finishes and colors, such as stone, wood, sand, and 3D. Because our ACP sheets and HPL are robust throughout their lifespan and can be easily bent or bent into forms that designers cannot make with other materials and let designers design their designs more efficiently, this is among the main reasons why architects and designers select Facade ACP and HPL Panel for their designs in every construction project.

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    Facade Panel ACP

    Due to its unique pattern, Facade Panel ACP are popular in the industry. Aluminium sheet with decorative coatings are typically the first step in the process of producing the metallic aluminium composite frame. This is widely used in modern buildings hence providing a magnificent look to your Dream Home.

    Facade Panel HPL

    Facade HPL Panels adds instant fun and sparkle with Facade HPL series add the vibrant texture and dimension to your Dream Home.

    Facade Panel

    Available Sizes

    • 3 mm core with 0.25 mm aluminum skin on both sides
    • 3 mm core with 0.50 mm aluminum skin on both sides
    • 4 mm core with 0.25 mm aluminum skin on both sides
    • 4 mm core with 0.50 mm aluminum skin on both sides
    Facade Panel

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