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    At Facade we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of production, using the latest technology, with the focus on Research and Development. This is why we have the Aluminium composite panel that are durable and reliable. It is also versatile to meet the needs of any application. The raw material we source is of the finest quality, resulting in an item that shows the high quality of it. This allows us to offer high-quality panels with a reasonable price.


    • Ease of Installation and Maintenance
    • Improved Styling for a Custom Look
    • Protection for your Walls
    • Flexible Design Choices
    • A great Cladding material
    • Weather Resistant

    Facade Panel has a unique design and colour catalogue available for its wooden ACP sheets. Our offerings and product quality makes us one of the most reputed and demanded brand in the construction industry. This proves to be our added advantage and makes our customers very happy and satisfied.

    The Facade Panel ACP Collection

    Solid & metallic Series

    Achieve any look that you desire with Facade Panel solid & metallic series. Provide a touch of simple nature to your home.

    Wooden & Marble Series

    Add a touch of nature and get the beauty of wooden, stone and marble textures right on your building exteriors. Pleasing to look at, Facade gives you a wide choice of finishes for your designs.


    Sand Series

    Sand Series one of the high highlighter that provides the sand touch at your home.


    Sparkling Series

    Just give a little sparkle to your home with Facade ACP sparkling series.

    Mirror & Blush Series

    Looking your best is easy with a Mirror & Blush Series.


    Glossy Series

    Glossy ACP Claddings are the ultimate eye-catchers. A significant advantage of aluminum panel sheets with a high gloss finish is that they are self-cleaning to maintain a gleaming new appearance for a very long time post.

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