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    ReynoArch 3mm PVC Laminate is the ideal choice that can be used for seamless walls and covers because it is simple to bend at 90 degrees. Its Alstone technology is developed to protect the product from heat shock or Fingerprints, as well as accidental scratching to ensure it remains fresh and durable for longer.


    3mm PVC wall Cladding sheets are lightweight in weight and have greater strength in comparison to natural marble stone alternatives. Wall panels are extensively utilized in the industry because the material’s light weight helps in combating the heavy dead weight of construction efficiently. One of the main goals in deadweight reduction is to minimize human loss during natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.


    The strength level, as well as impact resistance as well as the energy-insulation, are just a few of the crucial parameters that are recognized to affect the paneling process selection. Additionally, chromatization is reduced, which is an occurrence phenomenon as demonstrated by the use the natural stone. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a green and affordable material that is extensively used in modern-day industry. It is becoming a standard alternative to conventional building materials such as concrete, wood, and clay. When compared to the MDF panel walls PVC sheets are not contaminated with any volatile organic solvents asbestos, methanol and asbestos oil, and hazardous chemicals that can have negative impacts on watercourses and the surrounding environment. Because of the above-listed properties, the 3mm sheets are an excellent alternative for hollow-core MDF panels, as also the natural stone marble. The panels have an average lifespan of 20-30 years.

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