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Enjoy the beauty of honeycomb aluminum panels by Reynobond, the most respected ACP manufacturing company. Honeycomb Composite Panels by Reynobond boast elements of the system that can be continuously joined for strengthened strength.

Reynobond’s Honeycomb Aluminum Panels have exceptional durability and resilience with outstanding Peel strength and toughness. Contrary to other Honeycomb Panels, it will never become stiff or fragile. With a high tensile force on the covers sheets, gorgeous aesthetics and features, and excellent processing properties, Reynobond Honeycomb Aluminum Panels have become the favorite of Architects, Planners, and Designers.

 The Honeycomb Aluminium Panels are also very lightweight, yet they have high strength. The secret is in the PU/Epoxy base 2-K, which provides better bonding and power, which brings together the system components such as those of Aluminium Core and Coil-coated Aluminium Cover Sheets. It’s ideal to use as a facade material in Architecture and False Ceilings in Interior Constructions.

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